Heartbeat of Life podcast

27.3 Monday Thought for the hour "Forget past run forward".

23.3 Live Piano concert with all mistakes in..

10.3 God can wake up p Philip

8.3 Lunch discussion with Szepi and p Kende

8.3 Concert for the ladies.. p Jukka.

8.3 Morning thought .Lets built House of God together.

7.3 Pianossa Jukka setä kaikkine virheineen :)

7.3 Kuka minuun koski . Päivän Sana

7.3 Aamu teellä Ari Kormin kanssa

6.3 Lunch discussion with p Kende

6.3 Thought: Who touch me. p Jukka

3.3 Lunch time with p Brian Lange


2.3 Torstai Päivän Sana p Jukka.

1.3 Lunch discussion with p Kende

1.3 Morning thought p Jukka

28.2 Ari Kormin kanssa aamu teellä.

27.2 Lunch discussion with p Alexei

24.2 Lunch discussion with p Brian Lange

23.2 Thought from the unity in Christ.p Jukka.

23.2 Piano Jam session alá JB

22.2 Lunch discussion p Jukka and p Kende

22.2 Short piano time with cup of cafe.. p Jukka.

22.2 Thought for the day Unity in Christ.

Concert in Brasov 19.2.2017

21.2 Aamun ajatus ..anna liekin loistaa. p Jukka

21.2 Aamu teellä Ari Kormin kanssa. Raamattu ja bisnes.

16.2 Morning thought from subject LOVE p Jukka.

15.2 Lunch discussion with p Kende

15.2 a little piano concert by p Jukka

15.2 Thought for the morning p Jukka.

14.2 Friends day piano concert p Jukka Borg

14.2 Sana päivälle p Jukka

14.2 Ari Kormin kanssa aamu teellä

13.2 Lunch discussion with p Julian.

13.2 p Julian power of the word and prayer.

10.2 Lunch discussion with p Jukka, p Zoli, p Kende

9.2 Piano Concert Jukka Borg

8.2 Lunch discussion with p Brian Lange

8.2 Wednesday Morning thoughts p Jukka

7.2 Elämän aallokoiden keskellä, Jumala kirjoittaa uutta sinuun. p Jukka.

7.2 Ari Kormi Kommunikointi bisnes elämässä

6.2 Why God you are silent. p Kende Lunch discussion

6.2 Short thought and music p Jukka

3.2 Lunch discussion with p Zoli Mustafa

2.2 JCB with guitar and message for you.

1.2 Lunch discussion with p Majoros Kende

1.2 Wednesday Piano Concert alá JB :)

1.2 Wednesday thought for the day.

31.1 Thought for the day p Jukka

31.1 Aamun aatos p Jukka

31.1 Ari Kormi aamu teellä Bakusta.

30.1 Lunch rap with p Kende

30.1 Music Word and fun p Jukka.

27.1 Short piano concert by Jukka Borg

27.1 Lunch discussion with p Kende

26.1 Thought for the day: Why God loves us p Jukka.

Monday 16.1 The Lord is all what we need.

Watch the eyes of Jesus Christ.

21.12 Wednesday Hotel Aria 1

21.12 Wednesday Hotel Aria 2

20.12 Live from Hotel Aria part 1

20.12 Live from Hotel Aria part 2

20.12 Päivän Sana kiireiselle ihimiselle. Astu rauhaan. p JB

20.12 Aamun hetki Ari Kormin kanssa.

19.12 Lunch discussion with p Kende.

19.12 Do not organized you life such way, that you do not meet God

19.12 Päivän ajatus. Ole avoin Jumalalle.

16.12 Lunch discussion with p Brian Lange Christmas message.

14.12 Lunch discussion with p Dulo Attila...real purpose of Christmas

14.12 Write the vision in to the your heart..and do not loose that. p JB

14.12 Live piano music alá JB

9.12 Thought from the thought how to learn to speak heavenly language: Love.

6.12 p Brian Lange and p Jukka. Convictions for our life.

5.12 Lunch discussion with Andraes Bartha

5.12 Part 1 True friend loves all the time.

5.12 Morning thought from the book "Thinking with God" True friend loves all the time

3.12 Message by Andraes Bartha from Pécs Hungarian only.

2.12 Lunch discussion with p Brian Lange "Empaty"


1.12 Jukka sedän Joulukalenteri :)

30.11 Lunch discussion with p Dulo Attila

30.11 Thought for the Wednesday p Jukka.

29.11 Tiistai päivän ajatuksia p Jukka

28.11 Music and thoughts from the Word p Jukka

25.11 Lunch discussion time with p Kende.

24.11 Päivän ajatus. Eikö viisaus kutsu? p JB

24.11 Piano session alá JB

23.11 Lunch discussion with p Brian Lange

23.11 Called by God where ? p Jukka.

21.11 Lunch discussion time with p Zoli Mustafa and p Majoros Kende.

21.11 Joululauluja ja ajatuksia Joulusta. p Jukka.

16.11 Lunch discussion with p Dulo Attila

16.11 Do not despise small beginnings. p Jukka.

15.11 Thoughts from word p Jukka.

15.11 Päivän Soppa. Kokkina p Jukka.

15.11 Aamu puurolla Ari Kormin kanssa

14.11 Lunch discussion time with p Zoli Mustafa. Dont just hear but listen.

10.11 Thoughts for the day: Give your daily moments for the Lord. p Jukka.

10.11 Aamun ajatus: Anna elämäsi Herralle p Jukka


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